Curriculum Overview

The Kindergarten curriculum at St. Michael the Archangel School follows the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Diocese of Allentown. Students are offered an opportunity to attend either a half-day or full-day program.


The children are made aware of God’s love through the good people, events, and things in their life. They will come to have a greater love for God, become more prayerful, and be encouraged to perform acts of kindness.

Reading/Language Arts

The students learn to recognize alphabet letters, practice phonemic awareness, learn some high frequency words, and start to blend sounds to make words. Students are encouraged to develop an interest and desire to read.


Students learn about sorting geometry, patterns, position words, rote counting, recognizing numbers, graphs, money, time, and measurement. We also work on addition and subtraction readiness. Problem solving strategies are also practiced.


The children are taught Science by trade books, videos, “experiments”, and a variety of hands-on activities. Many themes are explored including living and non-living things, the body, the five senses, sink and float, temperature and thermometers, healthy foods, dental health, seasons, butterflies, simple machines, farms and farm animals, and reduce, reuse, recycle.

Social Studies

The Nystrom Jumbo Atlas is a springboard for a variety of themes and topics in Social Studies. Children learn about maps and models, family, friends, seasons and holidays, towns, farms, animals around the world, and children around the world. Lessons include a variety of teaching methods to encourage exploration and discovery and many opportunities to discuss and appreciate the new information.


Students attend an art, music, library, gym, and computer class once per week.

Foreign Language

Students learn Spanish by participating in a class once each week.


Students enjoy field trips to a pumpkin patch, the da Vinci Science Center, a DeSales University play, and the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Sponge painted t-shirts are made for each child to commemorate important events throughout the year. The school year ends with a prayer service and reception.