This course focuses on worship, sacraments, and the commandments. Students are introduced to many of Christ’s witnesses. We discuss how we can model after these witnesses and worship God. Discussions of the sacraments and their value to the growth of the student’s own spiritual life are a significant focus during this year. Finally, the students learn about the guidelines that God has given each of us for our own personal journey of faith.


The curriculum focuses on the imperative reading strategies that students can apply with diverse literature collections. Students will utilize an anthology, guided reading selections and novels There is exposure to a variety of genres including realistic fiction, historical fiction, myths, and mysteries. Novels of interest include, “Bridge to Terabithia,” “Number the Stars,” and “A School Story.”

Language Arts

This course focuses on grammar, usage, and mechanics. The writing process and seven good writing traits will be explored during various writing pieces. In addition, a spelling curriculum gives students the opportunity to expand their everyday vocabulary with the utilization of weekly lists.


The curriculum for math covers conceptual understanding, numerical operations, and strategy development for the problem-solving process and critical thinking skills.


The curriculum focuses on the following units:  weather, cells, simple organisms, invertebrates, vertebrates, food from plants and the ecosystem, matter, motion, and sound.  Students will also cover safety rules for the lab as well as writing lab reports for the experiments performed in the lab setting.  During the course of the year, students will do projects and reports that relate to the units studied.

History and Social Sciences

The focus is based on American History. We begin with a study of the states and capitals and work our way to the Civil War and Reconstruction.