The curriculum for third grade at St. Michael the Archangel School follows the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Diocese of Allentown.


This curriculum focuses on the history of the Church. The children learn about their roles as members of the Church beginning with their baptism. Students learn about the Eucharistic Liturgy and prepare for the reception of their First Eucharist. Through a variety of prayer experiences, the students strengthen their personal relationship with God.


The curriculum utilizes the Houghton Mifflin reading series to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills. Students learn in leveled reading groups that allow flexibility for addressing each student’s individual skill sets. A focused phonics program that reinforces the language skills introduced in earlier years is used.

Language Arts

The program fosters the development of both oral and written communication skills. Emphasis is placed on the areas of spelling, grammar, proofreading, and editing.


The Progress in Mathematics curriculum progressively teaches basic mathematical concepts by reinforcing previously learned skills. The focus this year is developing problem solving skills as well as computation strategies. Topics covered include addition and subtraction of multi digit numbers, multiplication, time, money, and algebra. Students also have the opportunity to participate in First in Math based on the popular Math 24 game.


The curriculum begins with an overview of the Scientific Method, which is then put into practice to introduce students to physical science.  Students study matter, its properties, and the effects of physical and chemical changes.  In addition, students learn about forces, motion, and energy.

Social Studies

The curriculum establishes a foundation for understanding various cultures and communities. It helps to promote citizenship and introduces the role of government. As part of the units on Early and Native Americans, students learn about the formation of our great country and how people lived and worked. Students have an opportunity to step back in time with a visit to Quiet Valley Farm. Map skills are also taught.


Students participate in an annual field trip to Quiet Valley Farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania as well as a trip to the Space Shuttle Program in nearby Schnecksville.