The curriculum for first grade at St. Michael the Archangel follows the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Diocese of Allentown.


The religion curriculum focuses on God our good Father and His love for us.  Students learn about baptism, prayer, Jesus our Savior, the Holy Family, the Holy Spirit, and Mary our Mother.  The children are encouraged to live as a child of God everyday.


The reading program focuses on developing independent readers through whole group instruction and small group, guided reading.  An emphasis is placed on sight word recognition, comprehension strategies, phonics, fluency, and independent writing.

Language Arts

The language arts program consists of handwriting, spelling, and English.  An emphasis is placed on sentences, the parts of speech, and writing.


The math curriculum places emphasis on addition, subtraction, problem-solving, place value, money, time, and measurement.  The children explore all these areas through the use of manipulatives.  Skills are reinforced through daily practice and math activities made available through the Compass Learning program.


The science curriculum focuses on plants, animals, weather, and the planets.  Windows on Science is used to enhance the curriculum.

Social Studies

The social studies program centers on families, neighborhoods, communities, needs and wants, and Our Country.


Students attend an art, music, library, gym, and computer class each week.


  • A field trip to the Labuda Performing Arts Center at DeSales University in the springtime for a play
  • A field trip to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum for hands-on learning activities close to the end of the school year.
  • A 100th Day of School celebration
  • Mystery Reader Program
  • Student-of-the-Week Program