Health Services

All students attending St. Michael the Archangel School must have received immunizations as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Because regulations have changed over the past few years, the following chart should be used to determine what the immunization requirements are for your child.  Please keep in mind that if your child is missing any immunizations, they must receive the first dose before the first day of school or they will not be allowed to attend.  At that time they will be considered a "provisional" student until all immunizations are completed.  As per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, these immunizations must be completed within 8 months from the start of school or the student will be excluded from school as mandated by state law.



4 Doses

(One given after 4 years of age)


3 Doses



2 Doses

(Must be given after 1 year of age)

Hepatitis B

3 Doses



In addition to the above required immunizations, each student must  provide proof of varicella (chickenpox) immunity.  Any ONE of the following are acceptable:

Varicella Vaccine (date given needed) OR

Varicella Lab Evidence (date) OR

Varicella Disease (written statement including date of chickenpox)

Students will undergo health screenings throughout the school year including:




Kindergarten or First, Third, and Seventh*


Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Seventh

Height and Weight

Kindergarten through Eighth


Kindergarten through Eighth**

Physical Exams

Kindergarten or First, Sixth


Sixth and Seventh

*Dental and Physical Forms Needed

**First graders receive color, depth perception, and extreme far-sightedness screenings

Any medication that needs to be given during the school day must be given to the main office for safe-keeping.  A medication in school form must also be completed by the doctor in order for the district nurse to administer the medicine.  Students are not allowed to bring any type of over-the-counter medication to school without written permission from a doctor's office or parent.  All forms mentioned above are available on our website under Important Forms tab. Please feel free to print a copy if necessary.