Wizard of Oz Audition Schedule and Process

Nov. 26- Dec. 3  Assumption BVM Church Basement

3:15-6:00 PM

Those auditioning for lead roles Should plan on attending multiple days.  After vocal auditions on Monday, only those who are being considered for the lead roles will be asked to read for those roles. We will notify those students via email on Monday evening.  Some students may be asked to come back and read for other minor characters later in the week.  For your planning, it is a good idea to keep that entire week open.

This year, students may choose only 3 characters for which to audition. This will prevent auditions from becoming too long and confusing. Students, Make sure you choose the characters that you really want the most.  Anyone who attends the vocal audition, will be considered for solos.

Monday Nov. 26-  Vocal Auditions for Dorothy, Glinda, Aunt Em, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, Coroner, Crows, Lullaby League and Lollipop Guild.  Also, anyone who wishes to audition for solos.  Songs:  Over the rainbow and the songs sung by the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.(The Nerve only)  Also, the Coroner’s song and the songs for the Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League. You will be asked to sing a small piece of the song.  Not the entire song. If you wish to be considered for any solos in the show, you may choose one of these songs to sing.

Tuesday Nov. 27- Script Readings  Miss Gulch, Wicked Witch, Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, Dorothy

Wednesday Nov. 28 Script Readings- Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Toto (Toto will be doing silent acting during the script readings.)

Thursday Nov. 29 Script Readings- Glinda, Dorothy, Professor Marvel, Trees

Friday Nov. 30 Script Readings- Oz Doorman, Mayor, Barrister, Coroner, Farmhands

Monday Dec. 3- Callbacks if Necessary

Behavior during auditions will ABSOLUTELY factor into our decision as far as the role you will play in the show, or if you will be in the show.  We are looking for actors who love to perform and work as a team.

Roles that do not require auditions include:  Munchkins, Oz Residents, Guards, Jitterbugs and Monkeys (16)

A signup sheet will be available at the same time as CYO sign ups, which is usually around July Fourth.  The sheet should be mailed directly to me at 1670 Briarwood Circle Bethlehem, Pa. 18015.

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